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No Pride In Paradise

"No Pride in Paradise is the most challenging song I’ve ever written. It was a song I struggled with for a long time since it’s inception, yet I always felt there was always something special about it. Thus, I continued to chisel away at it. When I developed the song to a certain point, I shared it with my co-producer F.J. DeSanto, who was battling cancer at the time yet somehow writing the first Trade Secrets record, and he was able to acutely focus on the song’s strengths and worked with me to develop an arrangement that really maximised the song’s potential as a single.”

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Precision EP

by The New Division

The New Division is the alias of Los Angeles based electronic Musician/Producer John Glenn Kunkel. With 3 albums and 4 EP's as well as numerous remixes and productions featuring on his impressive and extensive resume, Kunkel starts 2017 with The New Division’s most euphoric and synth-heavy record yet: PRECISION. 

Featuring six analog driven tracks, Kunkel describes his latest work as, “An homage to neon-tinted dystopian cityscapes,” drawing inspiration from synth-laden neo-retro pop, Moroder melodics, vintage-inspired electronica, and cinematic sensibilities to create something wholly unique that is referential yet inherently forward thinking.